Administrative Teams

Any large engineering project has numerous administrative responsibilities and concerns that need to be addressed. As a result, administration is a large part of Formula Motorsports with each student taking on both technical and administrative responsibilities. The main goals of the administrative teams are to train for the competition, promote the team, manage resources, and raise funds for the program. A large portion of the money that funds the program comes from corporate sponsors and alumni donations but the rest comes from team fundraising.

Public Relations

The public relations group goal is to promote the team to the rest of the university and Seattle community. As the public face of the team, members of the PR team attend numerous events such as the Seattle International Auto Show, Engineering Discovery Days, Paws on Science, engineering society fairs, and student activity fairs. We love to show off our cars, tell people about what we do, and let people know how they can get involved in the project as part of the team or as a sponsor. Public relations is also responsible for the team website, newsletter, and press releasea, and the production various promotional materials including videos, t-shirts, and informational packets.


Resource Management

The resource management team is responsible for the organization and layout of the pit, composites area, and loft. Having a large sphere of influence, it is important that when visitors come to the pit, they are walking clear of any chemicals and debris. The resource management team finds places where things can be stored more efficiently and then executes those changes. This essential team consist of individuals who just love to see the pit sparkling clean.


IT Management

It takes a lot of computer work to fully design and validate a formula racecar. Our IT management team is in charge of making sure all our computers are operationally, whether it be managing licenses or repairing software. They put together our computers, as well as properly dispose of old ones. In general, this team serves to provide easy access of all software and related materials to the entire team.


Sponsorship and Fundraising

The sponsorship and fundraising team is responsible for procuring monetary, materials, and service donations from our various sponsors, as well as engaging in various fundraising opportunities. Our sponsors range from local to international engineering and manufacturing companies and it would be impossible to build the car without them. The sponsorship team works hard to maintain relationships with existing sponsors while constantly seeking to build new partnerships with companies.




Business Team

The Business Team is a smaller administrative team of both engineers and business students who create from the ground-up a business plan to sell the race car. The team team looks through market data to find the ideal customer. The team then looks into company strategy and investment options in order to create a successful company. At competition, points are award for the best presentation. This team spends a majority of the year learning about the business side of an engineering company and also accepts business students who are looking to be more involved with activities outside the business school. 



Thanks to all of our sponsors! Building two cars is a not only a tremendous engineering challenge, but also a financial one.

We couldn't do it without them. Check out the full list.



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