Summer 2013 Results

The first day is spent getting the car through the technical inspection. If something doesn't pass the inspection, it must be fixed. If it cannot be fixed on time or at all, the team cannot participate in the competition. The team will not rest until it passes tech. This is where careful reading of the FSAE/FSG rules pays off. 

The next couple days are filled with design and cost judging and numerous dynamic events. All the while, the rest of the team is talking to other teams and exchanging ideas. Various corporations are also present seeking future engineers. 

IMG 7566-2

IMG 7566-2

The final day ends with the design finals and awards banquet. By the end of the competition, each member on the team realizes what they had worked for all year. Their efforts had been represented at an international competition. And although they didn't win, they still came home with experiences that others who chose not to take part in FSAE/FSG could only dream of. So when the students return from competition, they write a series of recommendation reports for the upcoming technical and administrative teams. A lot of members graduate and move on yet, for the underclassmen, the journey has just begun.


Thanks to all of our sponsors! Building two cars is a not only a tremendous engineering challenge, but also a financial one.

We couldn't do it without them. Check out the full list.



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